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August - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Gen Green Life

Calling all i-Phone customers. Download a Gen Green Life app later this month for 99 cents and be linked to green resources wherever you are.

Need to find a store that sells compostable silverware? Want to take a taxi that runs on electric power while on vacation? Use the Apple application to find the local source.

Gen Green Life is an online resource for green products and services in locations all over the country. With 60,000 listings, Gen Green Life hosts the largest database of green businesses in the United States.

Charisse McAuliffe is founder and CEO of Gen Green Life. She is on the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association, a steering committee member for US Green Building Council (Northern Colorado), and one of the winners in the Northern Colorado Business Reports 40 Under Forty Most Influential People, 2008. Congratulations to Gen Green Life for their continued success and growth!