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August - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Sales Tax update

June sales and use tax collections, based on retail sales from May.

Total sales tax:
$5,207,396 a decrease of 1.8% compared to June 2008. Due to a one-time sales tax payment from a taxpayer in the Home Furnishings and Consumer Electronics category, in the amount of $215,000, sales tax collections were nearly 4% higher than they would have been without the payment.

Nationally, sales tax collections declined 10.8%.
Use Tax total:
$365,843 in June. Collections were down 55.1% compared to June 2008.
Building Permit receipts decreased 86.5% compared to June 2008. The City is behind budget projections for the month by $453,127 when compared to historical data.
Residential Permits pulled:
16 new construction, 73 remodel. In June 2008, there were 68 new construction permits and 60 remodel permits pulled.
Commercial Permits pulled:
2 new construction, 16 for remodel. In June 2008, there were 3 permits pulled for new construction and 32 remodel permits.
June sales tax licenses:
96 net new licenses