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July - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

RMII Company Spotlight: VanDyne SuperTurbos

An engine retrofit company, VanDyne SuperTurbos recently spun-off from Woodward Governor Company and moved into leased office space at RMII. The specialized engine piece Ed VanDyne invented allows vehicles to save 30 percent of its energy by capturing exhaust gas. Simplified, that means that engines can eventually be downsized which equals less power needed, lighter weight engine, less gas needed to power it, and less CO emitted.

Major customers for Ed and team consist of innovative German car manufacturers and large commercial fleets of tractor trailers in the U.S. VanDyne tests many of their inventions and discoveries at the Engines and Energy Conversion Lab at Colorado State University. In addition to cutting-edge engine designs, VanDyne SuperTurbos is contributing renewable energy to FortZED through their engine research and development.