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June - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

State Grants: Colorado First/Existing Industry Customized Training Programs

Colorado First: grants for companies that are relocating to Colorado or existing companies that are undertaking a major expansion. Existing Industry grants are designed for Colorado companies that are implementing technology into their organization to remain competitive and keep jobs in Colorado.

The grants are worth $2.7 million and are broken down into per employee amounts. Maximum grant award is $800 per employee. These are competitive grants that come in from across the State. Contact the Front Range Community Colleges staff liaison, Lynn Vosler for more information. Lynn is able to answer questions, preview your application, and will even assist in writing the grant with the business applicant. 970.204.8176 bHlubi52b3NsZXJAZnJvbnRyYW5nZS5lZHU=