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December - 2008 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Downtown Development Authority Update

The Downtown Development Authority is focused on keeping Downtown unique and vibrant through public-private partnerships. Key projects coming up in 2009 for staff and the DDA board of directors include extending alleyway renovations near College Avenue, continuing conversations and managing details of the Downtown Hotel project, and conducting a feasibility study for a community market.

The feasibility study will accomplish three goals:

  1. refine the community market concept by collecting feedback from a variety of national experts,
  2. examine potential program and space needs, and
  3. develop financing options.

The community markets vision is to house a multitude of activities, offices, and classes that serve the community year round. Indoor/outdoor farmers markets, Colorado State Universitys Center for Fair and Alternative Trade, the Northern Colorado Food Incubator, and the Local Living Economy Project are all partners in the project.

Whats old is new againengaging community members in a central market for education, commerce, and nourishment. The community market will be an ongoing project that the Enewsletter will track and report on regularly.