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September - 2008 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Public Private Partnership In Action

What do an innovative private business, a City government and County office have in common? In Fort Collins, i-cubed, Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins work together to achieve efficiency in data management and transmission.

The City of Fort Collins and Larimer County rely more and more on digital imaging and aerial photography for citizens and municipal departments needing specific land based information. I-cubed is a world leader in geospatial products and services; they map the world using satellite and aerial photography. Their specialty is transferring raw image data into useful information for a variety of applications.

For a few years, i-cubed has supplied the City and County with these specialized images in exchange for tapping into the Citys fiber network and storing images in the Countys data center. The City and County look for opportunities for collaboration with local businesses wherever possible. In this case, modern technology and the increased need for information have formed a solid relationship with a local business.