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July - 2008 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Front Range Village Public Improvement Fee

Fort Collins residents will soon be enjoying the new shopping center, Front Range Village, on East Harmony Road. The City is pleased to have a quality center that provides convenient local shopping and an attractive addition to the Harmony Corridor. Surrounded by technology parks, office buildings and other new shopping centers, Front Range Village, including a third library branch, will be a destination center for the community.

The City offers a variety of tools to encourage businesses to build in the city. Front Range Village is the first project where the City is using a Public Improvement Fee (PIF). With this incentive, the center is allowed to charge a nominal fee of .75% on purchases in order to assist in maintaining the center's facilities, parking lots, and green spaces. Shade trees, low-water vegetation, and hanging flower baskets surround shop entrances and parking areas to increase the center's attractiveness. The PIF will continue the new shopping center look and feel for years to come.

The PIF is considered part of the purchase price and is subject to the City of Fort Collins sales tax. For more information, visit the Citys Sales Tax office or download an informational brochure (PDF).

For example: a fast food meal
PIF (.75%) = .75 cents
$10.75 is then taxed at 3% or .32 cents.
Total cost for fast food meal= $11.07