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Building Services

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Dept Head: Rich Anderson
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License Term, Renewals, Changes, and Expiration

License Term:

Each general contractor license and specialized trade contractor license shall be valid for a period of two (2) years from the date of issuance.


A courtesy renewal notice is typically sent 1-2 months prior to the scheduled expiration of any license or supervisor certificate, together with related forms. However, if the notice is not sent and/or received, it is the responsibility of the contractor to assure that the license is renewed and kept current. The license and/or supervisor certificate may be renewed provided that the biennial fee is paid and renewal occurs within sixty (60) days following the anniversary date. Once the sixty (60) days has passed, a new application must be submitted subject to the current licensing processes and procedures as outlined under the Expiration section below.

If the adopted building code or other applicable code over which an examination was administered is no longer in effect or has been changed substantially, a renewing supervisor will be required to either pass a renewal examination for which no fee will be required, or provide proof of having successfully completed training covering the current adopted applicable code or the equivalent thereof as approved by the Building Official.

It is imperative to keep address and other pertinent information current with the Building Services Department so that renewal notices and other information that may be sent throughout the year are received. Renewal notices are sent as a courtesy only. It is the responsibility of the license holder and/or supervisor certificate holder to track the date of expiration of his/her license or certificate. Any licenses or certificates not renewed within the 60 day grace period will be expired and subject to the requirements listed below, whether or not a renewal notice was received.


If an address change is made to an existing licensed company, an Address Change Form must be completed and submitted to the Building Services Department (see forms)

If the License Holder or Supervisor changes, a new application must be submitted, subject to all of the requirements. A license will not be renewed at such time a License Holder or Supervisor has changed until approval of a new License Holder and/or Supervisor has been obtained.


Any license or supervisor certificate which is not renewed within sixty (60) days following the anniversary date of such license or certificate will be placed on inactive status and considered expired. A holder of an expired license or supervisor certificate may be reissued such license or certificate by submitting a new application and paying all applicable fees. Such applicant will not be required to pass a new examination if the adopted building code or other applicable code over which the same applicant passed an examination remains in effect at the time the renewed license or certificate is obtained. However, if the adopted building code or other applicable code is no longer in effect or has been substantially changed since the time the same applicant passed an exam, a new exam will be required.