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Application Procedures for General Contractor and Specialized Trade Contractor Licenses

Complete a General Contractor or Specialized Trade Contractor License Application Form:

  • Contractor Licensing Checklist - can be used as a guide to ensure the completeness of your application packet.
  • Fill out the application form in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Choose the type of license desired. For general contractor licenses, choose the License Class that is most appropriate based on the descriptions and experience requirements contained on Class Descriptions and Qualifications for General Contractors. For specialized trade contractor licenses, choose the specific trade category that reflects the type of work you intend to perform.
  • Choose only one of the credential options: 1) License only; 2) Supervisor's Certificate only; or 3) License and Supervisor's Certificate.
  • Make sure applicant name has been included. Sign and date the form.
  • A construction supervisor applicant who IS NOT also the license applicant must submit a separate application, together with all required forms and fees.
  • Obtain Project Verification Forms
  • Three (3) General Contractor Project Verification Forms are required for a general contractor's license, which verify an applicant's construction supervision experience on three (3) separate and completed projects. (See Class Descriptions and Qualifications for General Contractors to determine the scope of projects that are required for the license desired.) A separate form must be provided for each specific project.
  • Three (3) Specialized Trade Project Verification Forms are required for a specialized trade contractor's license, which verify an applicant's trade experience on three (3) separate and completed projects. At least one of the projects submitted must have been completed two years prior to the date applicant applies for the desired license to verify that the applicant has the required 2 years of supervision experience. A separate form must be provided for each specific project.
  • All project verification forms must be complete and signed by a person other than applicant or a member of the company that is applying for the license. The person who signs the form must have been directly involved in the project and be able to verify applicant's professional role in the project. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • A copy of the associated permit and certificate of occupancy or proof of final inspections for each project form submitted should be attached. Not including this information will delay application processing.
    NOTE: If the required number of project verification forms, as well as the stipulated years of supervision experience cannot be verified, applicant is not eligible to receive a general or specialized trade contractor's license or supervisor's certificate from the City of Fort Collins.
  • Take the required exam - see Exam Requirements
  • Exams are required for all general contractor and many specialized trade contractor license categories.
    All exams, with the exception of the Framing exam, are administered by the International Code Council (ICC). Information on ICC exams, associated costs, and availble testing centers can be found on their website at Framing exams continue to be administered at the City's Development Review Center located at 281 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado. They can be taken at any time and costs $75.
  • Complete an Employee Affidavit
  • Complete an Immigration Affidavit
  • Sales/Use Tax Information
  • Submit information to the Development Review Center:
    • Application
    • Project Verification Forms + copies of permits and C/O or final inspection information
    • Exam information
    • Employee Affidavit
    • Immigration Affidavit
    • Sales & Use Tax License Number
    • Picture ID
    • $75 non-refundable application fee (must be submitted before staff can process request)
    • Any other additional information you wish to submit in support of your license request, i.e. a resume, education or other specialized training verification, company information, etc.

Submittal of inaccurate or misleading information can result in revocation of any license issued based on such information and forfeiture of any fees that have been collected.

Development Review Center personnel will notify applicant when approval has been obtained, or if there are any remaining requirements that need to be satisfied before approval can be given.

Once approval has been obtained, the biennial license fee in the amount of $200 and proof of general liability insurance must be submitted before the license can be activated. Advance payment of the $200 license fee in no way affects whether or not an application is approved. In the event a requested license is denied and the biennial fee has been paid, the fee will be refunded.

Proof of worker's compensation insurance and a list of all employees with the last 4 digits of their Social Security numbers are required for all payroll trade employees regulated herein who are performing work on a Fort Collins job site, if the employee is someone other than the license holder or the supervisor certificate holder. Subcontractors and/or independent contractors are required to have their own license with the exception of exempt specialized trade subcontractors (see Employees and Exempt Specialized Trade Subcontractors for more information).