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Fort Collins Utilities is committed to providing reliable service and keeping the public safe.

You can help by reporting service disruptions or other issues.

Electric: 970-221-6710
Water, Stormwater, Wastewater: 970-221-6700
Graffiti: 970-416-2400
Streetlights: 970-221-6313 (voicemail)
Traffic signals: 970-221-6630 (business hours), 970-221-6540 (after hours).

The Service Outages page displays information on current outages.

Learn more about common scams and how to report a possible scam.

Visit Access Fort Collins for an easy way to send questions, comments and service requests.

Fort Collins Utilities greatly appreciates your assistance in keeping the community safe.

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Tip #243

Bluegrass lawns generally require 1" or more of water per week, depending on the weather.

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