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We allocate federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local City of Fort Collins funding to housing and human service agencies to meet the needs of low and moderate income citizens; and implement policies promoting and supporting self-sufficiency for low-income citizens. To the right you will find links providing information about our staff team, programs, resources, and current news.

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Human Service Partners: A Community Snapshot

The City has produced a new report - Human Service Partners: A Community Snapshot – that highlights human services agencies receiving City funding through the Department of Social Sustainability in the 2013 fiscal year. The individual stories reflect the sustaining impact that each agency makes in helping create a community that’s inclusive and resilient. The report is meant to be snapshot in time illustrating the strength of the human services network in the community and highlighting some of the people it serves.

Rank the Consolidated Plan Priorities!

An Open House for the Consolidated Plan will be held Monday, January 12, 2014 in the Community Room at 215 N. Mason Street from 4:00 to 6:00p.m. Learn results of the questionnaire (over 500 community members responded!), hear about initial research, and help rank preliminary community priorities. Check out the full media release here.

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Spring 2015 Funding Process Begins

The City of Fort Collins will begin accepting applications January 9, 2015 for the Spring Competitive Process which allocates federal and local funds. Approximately $2,175,000 is available for distribution with $1,400,000 available in the Housing/Public Facility category and $775,000 in the Public Service category. The three proposal categories are:
Housing: Funds are for the acquisition and construction of affordable housing projects and homebuyer assistance programs. Properties must be located in Fort Collins.
Public Service: Funds are for nonprofit agencies serving a majority of people whose incomes are 80% or below the Area Median Income (AMI) and living in Fort Collins.
Public Facility: Funds are for spaces for agencies that provide direct services to low- and moderate- income clients living in Fort Collins.
For more information click here, or contact Sharon Thomas: , 970-221-6595.

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Addressing Homelessness

How do the City of Fort Collins, the Fort Collins Housing Authority and Homeward 2020 work together to address the complexities of homelessness in our community? Watch a 25-minute discussion on homelessness on Full Circle, the City’s sustainability program on Cable 14.

Want to learn more? The City of Fort Collins, the Bohemian Foundation, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce and Homeward 2020 co-sponsored the Community Conversation on Homelessness, January 21 at the Lincoln Center. View video of the morning session here. To learn more about Homeward 2020, visit their website at

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Housing Affordability Policy Study Full Circle Episode

Want to learn more about the City’s Housing Affordability Policy Study? Watch this 25-minute video of Sue Beck-Ferkiss and Rebecca Everette discussing the housing affordability issues in Fort Collins and the City’s potential role in addressing them. View the Full Circle episode here:


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Board of Realtors Honors Mayor and Social Sustainability Department for Addressing Housing

The Fort Collins Board of Realtors on Wednesday recognized the City of Fort Collins Social Sustainability department and Mayor Karen Weitkunat with “Housing Heroes” Awards for their efforts to address housing affordability.

This is the first award for the relatively new Social Sustainability department. While this is Mayor Weitkunat’s first Housing Hero award, she was recognized previously by the Board of Realtors in 2007 with a Distinguished Service Award.

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City Council Approves $721,000 in Housing Funds

The Fort Collins City Council on Tuesday awarded $721,000 to agencies serving low-income Fort Collins residents through housing assistance. The Council allocated the funds – largely from federal sources – as part of the 2014 Fall Competitive Process.

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Housing Affordability Policy Study

City consultants have prepared a Housing Affordability Policy Study, which explores creative solutions and tools that would create housing opportunities for all. Consultants leading the project are Denver-based Economic & Planning Systems Inc.

September 19 the City will hosted an open house to discuss a series of proposed short-, mid- and long-term recommendations. To learn more about the Open House click here.

See background materials presented at the first Stakeholders meeting on March 12, 2014:
Alternative Funding Options
Affordable Housing Programs
Staff Presentation
Consultant Presentation

Materials presented at the second Stakeholders meeting on April 16:
Table Topic Slides    
Supplemental Materials

Contact Sue Beck-Ferkiss, Social Sustainability Specialist, , 970-221-6753 for more info.
View posterboards of various options from the public open houses by clicking here.

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FAQs About Provincetowne Restrictive Covenants

In 2001 as part of its mission to assist people with affordable home ownership, the City of Fort Collins worked with KB Homes to build Provincetowne with a portion of the 120 townhomes restricted to low-income residents through a master covenant. Of those original homes, 65 affordable units with restrictive covenants remain at Provincetowne. Read more about the restrictive covenants.

Social Sustainability

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