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Social Sustainability

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Social Sustainability

We allocate federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local City of Fort Collins funding to housing and human service agencies to meet the needs of low and moderate income citizens; and implement policies promoting and supporting self-sufficiency for low-income citizens.

AMENDED RFP for Spring 2017 Competitive Process

The RFP for the City's Spring 2017 Competitive Process for distributing funding to housing, community development and human services activities has been AMENDED. The Amendment allows for the late acceptance of pre-applications ONLY for Low Priority CDBG activities in the City's 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan.
For more information on the amendment, read the Amendment to RFP Public Notice. For more information on the competitive process, please visit Competitive Process for Funding.

Do you feel you’ve been discriminated against?

The City, State, and Federal governments have different ways of handling complaints. Learn more here.

Need shelter during the winter?

Click here for more information about homeless shelters and services in Fort Collins. 
The Emergency Weather Shelter Plan may be activated during severe weather throughout the winter. When the Plan is activated, additional options for overnight shelter are secured and community resources maximized to support those seeking shelter. The Emergency Weather Shelter Plan is not currently activated. 

Need Help?

The Department of Social Sustainability does not provide direct services. If you are in need of immediate assistance for housing and/or income-related issues, please call United Way 211, or visit the following pages for more information on community programs offering assistance:
Looking For Housing or Help?
Agencies We Serve

City Discounts & Rebates

Spotlight image: City Discounts & Rebates

The City of Fort Collins is committed to a high-quality, safe community with equal access to services. As part of that mission of providing exceptional service for an exceptional community, the City offers numerous discounts, rebates, and services for qualifying citizens—including a grocery tax rebate, reduced fees for Recreation classes, free indoor air quality assessments, and many more. Click here for eligibility requirements.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

Spotlight image: Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

How do you know the difference between inconsiderate and unlawful activities? How do we serve those in need while making sure Fort Collins is a safe place to live, work, and play for everyone? Here’s a quick guide to city ordinances and social services.


City of Fort Collins and Partners: Reducing Homelessness in Our Community

Spotlight image: City of Fort Collins and Partners: Reducing Homelessness in Our Community

The City of Fort Collins works closely with its partners to reduce homelessness in the community, but is not a direct service provider. Read a fact sheet about the City's role. For more information about addressing homelessness in the community, go to Homeward 2020.

Special Agency Session

Spotlight image: Special Agency Session

Andrea Little recently joined the Social Sustainability team as the Special Agency Session Resource Specialist supporting Municipal Court. Special Agency Session assists people with quality of life violations (municipal misdemeanors), who are also experiencing homelessness, to avoid the traditional court process of fines or jail time. Andrea meets with participants to create self-driven goals for positive life improvements, and partners with local service providers to help meet client needs. This non-traditional approach benefits the community and participants by reducing jailing costs, reducing administration costs for unpaid fines, and offering a hand up to community members in need.


Homeless Shelter Monthly Data

Our community has two primary homeless shelter providers—Catholic Charities and Fort Collins Rescue Mission. The City works closely with them, particularly for overflow shelter during the cold winter months. To read a monthly report of the use of both shelters, see below:
January 2017 

Mayor Troxell Participating in Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness

Spotlight image: Mayor Troxell Participating in Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness

Mayor Wade Troxell has signed onto the 2015 Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, a federal initiative calling for mayors to commit to ending veteran homelessness in their cities.Troxell is one of 681 mayors and 854 leaders nationwide to commit to the challenge. Learn more here.

Land Bank Property Development

Spotlight image: Land Bank Property Development

The City of Fort Collins is working with the Fort Collins Housing Authority to build an affordable housing development on a City Land Bank property on West Horsetooth Road.
The City selected the Housing Authority after issuing a request for proposals to develop the parcel located on West Horsetooth Road. This is the first Land Bank Program parcel to be offered for development. With the need for affordable housing at an all-time high, activating this asset from the Land Bank Program will produce needed housing units.
For more information, see the following documents:



Social Sustainability