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We allocate federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local City of Fort Collins funding to housing and human service agencies to meet the needs of low and moderate income citizens; and implements policies promoting and supporting self-sufficiency for low-income citizens. To the right you will find links providing information about our staff team, programs, resources, and current news.

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What Would You Do With 3 Million Dollars?

There are critical affordable housing and human services needs in our community. Consider this: You are presented with 42 outstanding proposals to help meet those needs. You have $2.9 million to spend. There is nearly $3.5 million in requests. You also have priorities, regulations, and specific guidelines you must follow. What would you decide? The CDBG Commission, which is tasked with helping City Council, made those difficult decisions on Thursday, April 10. Do you agree or disagree? Use your chance to weigh in until May 13! See the full report here.

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Legacy Senior Residences of Fort Collins Grand Opening

Mayor Karen Weitkunat helped celebrate the grand opening of Legacy Senior Residences of Fort Collins March 20, 2014 with a ribbon-cutting and open house. The 72-unit independent-living, affordable-housing community was developed by Cornerstone Associates in collaboration with the Fort Collins Housing Authority. A number of organizations participated in helping bring this new community to Fort Collins, addressing a critical need for affordable housing for seniors in the area. The City of Fort Collins provided $720,000 in CDBG, HOME and Affordable Housing funds to support the project. “Legacy Senior Residences is an excellent example of private-sector partners and government agencies working together to bring affordable, vibrant and accessible housing to seniors in our community,” said Mayor Weitkunat. “We are appreciative to all the partners involved and for their commitment to the residents of Fort Collins.”

Read more here.

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Housing Affordability Policy Study

We know affordable housing is an issue of importance to our community. The Housing Affordability Policy Study has begun to dive into this topic to find creative solutions and tools that would create housing opportunities for all. Consultants leading the project are Denver-based Economic & Planning Systems Inc. Materials presented at the first Stakeholders meeting on March 12, 2014:
Alternative Funding Options
Affordable Housing Programs
Staff Presentation
Consultant Presentation

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Preserving Affordable Housing

Earlier this year, the City Council approved a Affordable Housing Redevelopment Displacement Mitigation Strategy to address the challenges with preserving affordable housing that often comes in the form of affordable rental units, mobile homes built before 1976 and manufactured homes built after 1976 that meet HUD safety standards. The City has a seven-step plan for addressing these issues. See the steps and the full report.

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FAQs About Provincetowne Restrictive Covenants

In 2001 as part of its mission to assist people with affordable home ownership, the City of Fort Collins worked with KB Homes to build Provincetowne with a portion of the 120 townhomes restricted to low-income residents through a master covenant. Of those original homes, 65 affordable units with restrictive covenants remain at Provincetowne. Read more about the restrictive covenants.

Social Sustainability

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