This newsletter was originally sent on Dec 23, 2009.

Happy Holidays from FC Bikes!

~ Winter Bike to Work Day was another success.  The event grew in both participation and sponsorship.  Great job to all who turned out to show their support for winter bicycling.  Five years from now, when thousands of people are bicycling to work and school on a daily basis, you'll look back to the formative years of Winter Bike to Work Day and proudly remember that you were a part of an ever-growing bicycle movement.  Extra special thanks to all of our sponsors.  Without their support and belief in year-round bicycling, the 2009 Winter Bike to Work Day wouldn't have been the same.  Please visit the sponsor and photo page and check out the businesses who donated their time and energy toward this Fort Collins winter tradition. 

~ New Years Resolution! Many of you may already ride a bicycle on a regular basis and know the great benefits it brings to you, the environment, and your pocketbook.  This coming New Year, help someone else in your life discover the joy, sensibility, fun, and healthiness that bicycling can provide every day of the year.  2010 will bring another great year for bicycling in Fort Collins.  Stay tuned for all new community-wide events, educational courses to help you and others bicycle safely, enhanced bicycle facilities, Bike Library expansion, regional development and coordination, and as always, FC Bikes and its numerous community partners will be there to support you and your bicycle needs throughout the year. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the City of Fort Collins' FC Bikes program.

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