This newsletter was originally sent on Dec 15, 2009.

2009 Winter Bike to Work Day Breakfast Stations

~ Winter Bike to Work Day - 12/16 - View List  of the 2009 Winter Bike to Work Day breakfast station sponsors and locations (View Map)  Breakfast will be served at ten stations throughout Fort Collins tomorrow from 7:00am - 9:30am.  Weather will be sunny, with a high of 50 degrees and a low of 30 with a 100% chance of some serious fun.   It will feel like summer compared to the last several days! Enjoy the ride & fill up on breakfast goodness.  Thanks for riding.

Winter Riding Quick Tips:

1. Ride in the same direction of traffic.

2. Ride with bright, reflective clothing and bike lights at night

3. Always wear a helmet

4. Be careful of low-angle sun during the winter months as motorists may not be able to see you

5. Cross perpendicularly at railroad tracks - the tracks can be extremely slippery when wet.

6. Obey the rules of the road

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