This newsletter was originally sent on Aug 9, 2009.

Stuart Culp Fundraiser this Saturday and Update on Dr. Tim Anderson's Condition

This Saturday, August 15 at the Fort Collins Peloton store there is a fund raiser to support Stuart Culp's road back to recovery. The event is scheduled for a 6 p.m. start. There will be food, beverages, and a silent auction.

Funds raised from this benefit will go to buy gift cards to help pay for food, gas, and vehicle expenses for the family's commute to and from Craig Rehab Hospital in Denver.

Peloton Cycles is located at 3027 E. Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO. For more information, please contact Dustin Folger at 970-449-5595.

Dr. Anderson Update:

As many of you know, Tim was in an accident on August 8, 2009, while bicycle racing in the Vic's Prospect Criterium. He suffered several broken ribs, a punctured lung and a small bleed in his brain. He has been in the ICU at Longmont United Hospital following surgery required when the bleed worsened.

We have been staying close to the hospital with support from our families. We are grateful to see improvements every day. There are uncertainties with any serious injury and with brain injuries, perhaps even more so. It is natural to worry about the future. But we remain very hopeful and positive about Tim's recovery and have been encouraged by his early progress.

We have considered several rehab options and decided on Craig Hospital, a world renowned center in Denver where they specialize in spinal chord and traumatic brain injury (TBI). He will be transferred there early next week to help him regain his strength and function. Craig's TBI therapy protocol is very intense and will require Tim's complete focus and efforts. We expect him to remain there for several weeks.

As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time but we are tapping into Tim's own strength and unbelievably positive attitude toward life. We absolutely know he will face this challenge like he does all others -- with extremely sharp intelligence, courage and unmatched determination. His peak physical condition at the time of his accident will also help him tremendously.

We will post updates here as we have them and appreciate your support, interest and prayers. Please feel free to post messages here as this is where we'll be focusing our efforts to communicate about his recovery.  

For now we asking that friends wait to visit Tim. At the current time a good way to show support is by racing or watching the 6-Day Races at the CSU Oval. (More info will become available at

Thank you for your support, understanding and love,

Pat, James and Jon Anderson

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