This newsletter was originally sent on Apr 24, 2009.

Leading program at CSU to hold community bike fundraiser.

Two years ago, Colorado State University's College of
Business foresaw both a need and an opportunity to choose a new
direction for graduate level business education. In launching the Global
Social and Sustainable Enterprise program (GSSE), the college hoped that
a graduate program focused on ventures with social, economic and
environmental bottom lines could attract enough bright domestic and
international students to spark a revolution in business school

As the GSSE completes its third recruiting season, it has achieved
success on many levels, perhaps most notably in the fact that it has
been able to attract outstanding students from around the world.  The
current cohort has students from India, Iraq, Ghana, Nepal, Moldova,
Ecuador and Venezuela.  Attracting talent from around the world has
proven to be a critical driver of success in the ventures that students
in the program develop.  However, the cost of educating international
students has put financial pressure on the program. 

Last year, GSSE director Carl Hammerdorfer learned that CU Boulder
stages an annual bicycle event that generates over $250,000 annually in
proceeds that support student scholarships.  Wasting no time, the GSSE
has scheduled its own event, taking place on May 9th. 

"We felt that if the people of Boulder would turn out to support CU
students in the arts and sciences, then supporters of CSU would also
come out and ride a bike to support our international students," said
Hammerdorfer.  "By riding, they make projects in Africa, Asia and Latin
America possible that help attack poverty where it lives." 

GSSE students are entrepreneurs who believe that business solutions will
help narrow the gap between rich and poor more effectively than
publically funded programs. One GSSE team, Powermundo, seeks to become a
Sears and Roebuck type retailer to bring inexpensive power, light and
cooking devices to the working poor in Latin America.

Another team, Cradle of Tea, is working with poor coffee producers to
develop a coffee-leaf tea product for sale in western markets.
According to Hammerdorfer, efforts like these tend to be more
sustainable because the entrepreneur watches both the financial results
and the social and environmental consequences of their venture.
Unfortunately, our international students have tremendous talent but
limited means, which is why we are doing this ride.

The GSSE Community Ride will offer residents the opportunity to support
this groundbreaking program while enjoying a family friendly atmosphere
and getting as much exercise as the rider chooses.  Riders can ride 15-,
42- or 62 miles and can register at The event is being
staged in conjunction with the collegiate national bike championships,
which are being held in Fort Collins for the second year in a row. After
the ride, there will be a number of events, a beer garden and numerous
prize drawings. All of the proceeds from the ride support students in
the GSSE program. 

For more information please visit or Contact Carl Hammerdorfer (970) 491-8734


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