This newsletter was originally sent on Jan 29, 2009.

Welcome to the "Bike Love" issue of Momentum.  February is the month for romance and love and this issue is dedicated to providing you with resources and information on how to spread "Bike Love" in our community.    

~ CSU's Center for Public Deliberation is hosting a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Forum on February 12th from 6-8pm at the Drake Center (802 W. Drake).  Mark it on your calendar to not miss this public safety community brainstorming session to strategize solutions for making Fort Collins safer for all modes of transportation and recreation. 

~ Cycling on the High Road - Choosing compassion for everyday bicycling.  "As least as much as cyclists complain about motorists and pedestrians, motorists and pedestrians complain about bicyclists."  Read More >>

~ Rolling Spokes Bike Tours is a Fort Collins-based company leading short and long bicycle tours that highlight local attractions and emphasize locally grown food. As they launch their first season leading tours throughout Northern Colorado, they are interested in hearing what interests you.  They have a short survey that only takes a few minutes.

~ A Match Made in Heaven - Read about these fun and romantic, two-wheeled weddings!

~ Platinum Bike Plan local website has new and interesting information for Fort Collins residents.  Have you heard about or voted for B Cycle yet?  The City of Denver will be implementing B Cycle after receiving a one million dollar gift from the D.N.C.  Check out this fantastic futuristic bike share facility.  They are also issuing a call to action regarding the recently passed economic stimulous plan. 

~ Bike Fort Collins is leading the charge on raising public awareness on the negative impact of bike safety and the use of cell phone is cars. They have issued a call to action for residents to support a bill drafted by the House of Representatives.  Learn more on how to take action in support of this effort.  

~ The Well-Tempered Cyclist. "As it turns out, good manners and cycling are not mutually exclusive, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. After a decade of riding with attitude, I finally began to perceive how bad-tempered cycling habits create all kinds of ill will on my city’s streets." Read more >>

~ New World Sports has become involved with Ensight Skills Center, hosting and organizing their Co-Pilots bike rides.  The Co-pilots program leads people are low vision or blind on tandem bike rides throughout Fort Collins.  Contact Joe at New World Sports if you would like to get more involved with upcoming programs. 

~ Alta Planning & Design has created a Summary Report on Public Bicycles/Bicycle Sharing programs, technologies, and operations.  The report summarizes a more in-depth analysis that looks at existing programs worldwide.  Given the diversity of operating systems, vendors, financial arrangements, and other aspects, it can be difficult to identify the best system to meet a community’s needs, along with items such as long-term financial costs.

~ The Bicycle Diaries - With more than a billion models worldwide, the bicycle has found a place in every society. Since its invention in 1817 people have redesigned and used the bike for hundreds of different purposes. From sporting events and policing the streets to sharpening knives and selling ice cream.  Listen to this fantastic BBC presentation. 

~ The Fort Collins Velodrome Association would like to invite its teammates and other supporters of track cycling culture in Fort Collins to a “Go fast, Turn Left” party at Boulder Indoor Cycling’s indoor velodrome on Friday, February 20th from 2-4pm. A $25 annual membership will get you started and includes instruction.  Interested? Contact the Velo Assoc

~ The development of the Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee is well underway.  The BAC has been officially approved by Fort Collins City Council.  The first meeting will be held in March!  More details soon. 

~ The FC Bike Library is looking for volunteers to help staff the bike library check out station in Old Town.  Give a little love back to your community and volunteers just a few hours a week.  It makes the difference!  Contact Charlee to sign up.

"Roll Into Spring" planning is well underway and gets things started in February: 

2/11 - Bike Lunch Talk - Home State Bank (downstairs) 12-1:30pm
2/12 - CSU's Center for Public Deliberation, presents " A Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Community Forum." 
3/4 - Environmental Program Series presents: "Innovative Transportation Projects" - Drake Center 7-9pm
3/11 - Bike Lunch Talk - Home State Bank (downstairs) 12-1:30pm
3/14 - St. Patrick's Day Bike Parade - Come ride with us and celebrate the spring bicycling season
4/3  -  FC Bike Library season kickoff in Old Town Square - 11am - 2pm
4/8  -  Bike Lunch Talk - Home State Bank (downstairs) 12-1:30pm
4/15 - Bike to School Day!
4/22 - Earth Day at CSU Lory Student Plaza
4/25 - Spring Warm Up Rides hosted by Fort Collins Cycling Club
4/29 - Environmental Program Series presents: "Resources for Bicycling in Fort Collins" - Drake Center - 7-9pm
5/3 - Amoeba Rock Ride
5/8 - 5/10 - USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals
5/10 - CSU's GSSE Scholarship Ride
5/10 - Mother Day Family Tour - Rolling Spokes 
5/13 - Bike Lunch Talk - Home State Bank (downstairs) 12-1:30pm
5/17 - 5/31 - Six Day Races at CSU Oval - Consecutive Sundays 5:00pm-7:00pm, permit pending
5/23 - Edible Urban Garden Tour - Rollins Spokes
5/30 - Fossil Creek Park Bike Festival - 11-4pm

6/6 - Ride and Go Seek - A Hunt for Local Treasures - Rolling Spokes
6/7 - 6/21 - Six Day Races at CSU Oval - Consecutive Sundays 5:00pm-7:00pm, permit pending
6/21 - Father's Day Family Ride
6/21 - 6/28 Bike Week - Bike to Work Day is 6/24!
Dash for the Cache/6 hour Mountain Bike Race June/July TBA
7/11 - Kickstands and Cornstalks
7/19 - New Belgium Urban Assault Ride

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