This newsletter was originally sent on Aug 21, 2008.

Safe Transportation in Fort Collins
Begins with Bicycling and Driving Respectfully

            It’s that time of year again.  CSU students are back to school and the road and bike ways are bustling with activity.  Every year, 5200 new students move to Fort Collins to begin their college career.  In all, some 23,500 students start back to CSU and with these students comes more cars and more bicycles. 

With the sudden increase in people bicycling and driving in Fort Collins, it’s imperative that we practice mutual respect, patience, and courtesy for all modes of travel including, bicycling, walking, skateboarding, wheelchairs, and driving.  As Fort Collins continues to grow as a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community, so does the need to educate people on the rules of the road so that we can remain safe in this fast moving society.  Many unfortunate accidents and mind rattling close calls can be avoided if we all understand and respect the basics.  Here’s the short list:

The City’s Coexist Education Campaign has images relating to some of the above messages, to download copies of these images, please visit: or contact for larger files. 

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