This newsletter was originally sent on Jan 31, 2012.

Thank you, DK!

The Fort Collins cycling community has been busy this month, celebrating DK's many extraordinary years as the City of Fort Collins' Bicycle Coordinator.  His next adventure officially begins today on his last day with the City.


We wish DK and his family the very best for a joyful, adventurous move to Davis, CA where DK will become the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Davis!


DK has brought so much joy, passion, commitment, innovation, and fun to the City’s Transportation Planning team, the City organization, and our whole Fort Collins community these last six years – and his many accomplishments to build the Fort Collins’ bicycle culture are outstanding!


He has personally helped thousands (yes, thousands!) of people of all ages and riding abilities learn about the multifaceted benefits of bicycling and has put Fort Collins on the map as one of the best bicycle cities in America – our community, CSU, and the City organization itself have all won outstanding awards from the national League of American Bicyclists due to DK’s tireless efforts:


DK’s creative drive to keep Fort Collins on the forefront of innovative bicycle programs, plans, and projects has lead us to the 2008 Bicycle Plan, 2011 Bicycle Safety Education Plan, phenomenal Bike Week and Bike to Work Day events (who had ever heard of a “winter bike to work day” or “bike prom” before DK?), hundreds of bicycle safety education classes, innovative infrastructure improvements like the on-street bike parking racks, bike box at Shields & Plum, and the shared lane markings on Mountain Avenue downtown – the list could go on & on!!!


DK’s positive, can-do attitude, endless energy – plus, great sense of humor - and personalized customer service makes everyone’s day a little brighter for getting to work with him.


DK will be missed very much by me and by so many people in Fort Collins - both throughout the City organization as well as the community at-large - and we will always have DK to thank for his lasting legacy to our community’s bicycle friendly culture!


Interim Bicycle Coordinator

Molly North will be acting as the Interim Bicycle Coordinator.  Please contact her at 970-224-6112 or with any questions, concerns or high fives.


Mason Trail Closure

The Mason Trail will be closed between Harmony Road and Horsetooth Road starting at noon Monday, January 30.  It is scheduled to be closed through the end of the day Friday, February 3.  New Mercer Ditch Company will be doing maintenance which will involve heavy equipment making it unsafe for public access during that time.  The trail may be accessible to the public during non-working hours if it is determined to be safe.  The trail will be fully re-opened as soon as the work is completed.


If you have any questions about the trail closures, please email

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