This newsletter was originally sent on Mar 4, 2010.

The Art of the Bicycle and Bike Lunch Talk

~ March 5th - The Art of the Bicycle  - 5:00pm - 9:00pm - The Art Lab (239 Linden Street) - Fort Collins is home to several bicycle-related manufactures and artists.  This bicycle art exhibit features: Panda Bamboo Bicycles, Black Sheep, RunAbout Cycles' Electric Hybrids, Les'1940's Crusier, Brave New Wheel, Orlando Baker, Yipsan Tailer Fit Bicycles, Meetsauce's Custom Bikes, Blindspot, Cycletote, and Lenard Pettus' Fish Bike and Jet Bike. 

~ March 10th - Bike Lunch Talk - 12:00pm - 1:00pm - New Location! Become Fit (1611 S. College Ave - Suite 2A) Bring a lunch and join us while we talk about the Regional Bike Map and Interactive Mapping Concept.  Thanks to all of you who attended the February Bike lunch Talk.  Many great ideas were discussed that will refine the production of the 2010 Bike Map. For additional resources and information on bicycling in Fort Collins, please visit: the FC BIKES website. 

~ 2010 Cycling Calendar of Events & Programs - A comprehensive calendar of bicycle events and programs is nearing completion, just in time for the warm, spring weather.  Please stay tuned as we make the finishing touches on a calendar of events that include bicycle safety and education classes and events as well as encouragement events such as Bike to Work Day, Bike Week, and Bike to School Week.  2010 will be an action packed year full of bicycle goodness!

~ Be a Smart Bicyclist! - Click here to learn how to ride effectively and safely in Fort Collins. 

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