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Healthy Homes

Master Home Educators Wanted!

Master Home Educators Wanted!

Master Home Educators are a fundamental and vital element of our Healthy Homes program. Prospective Master Home Educators will complete 20 hours of comprehensive training on the home as a system, and learn how to identify common problems, the health implications of these problems, and how to fix them. The topics covered in the Healthy Homes training include: biological pollutants, chemical contaminants, and safety concerns.

We look for diverse individuals who are committed to actively participating in the training sessions and who will join us to improve the health of our Fort Collins community. Upon completion of the training, we ask that you dedicate 20 hours to the program and/or complete 2 home health assessments a month.

Volunteer To Become a Master Home Educator

Volunteer To Become a Master Home Educator

Testing for Carbon Monoxide


The first step to becoming a Master Home Educator is by contacting Selina Lujan, the Healthy Homes Program Coordinator, at c2x1amFuQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==. You will meet with Selina and the Healthy Homes team to review the details of the training and the volunteer commitment, and once you become acquainted, the Healthy Homes staff will get you registered for the training. Welcome aboard, thank you for your interest in creating a healthier and safe community.

Training Schedule

The next Master Home Educator training series is scheduled for September 2019. The training consists of 6 weeknight sessions and dinner is served prior to each session. All sessions will be held in the Colorado River Room at 222 Laporte Ave. Feel free to contact us at aGVhbHRoeWhvbWVzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== if you have any questions.

Tuesday September 3rd, 5pm-8pm:         Program Overview, Behavior Change, Resources

Wednesday September 4th, 5pm-8pm:    Keep it Pest Free, Keep it Clean, Allergies and Asthma

Thursday September 5th, 5pm-8pm:        Keep in Contaminant Free, Keep it Ventilated, Keep it Dry

Tuesday September 10th, 5pm-8pm:        Keep it Safe, Keep it Well Maintained, Tools

Wednesday September 11th, 5pm-8pm:  TBD

Thursday September 12th, 5pm-8pm:       Recommendations, Engage Training, Graduation

View the Master Home Educator Training Flyer

Master Home Educator FAQs

What kind of Master Home Educators are you looking for? Do I have to be a professional in the environmental health or sciences field?
How technical is the training?
Who are the trainers and what are the classes like?
Why do you have the training on weeknights?
If I can't make this training, when will you have another?
Will I get university or continuing education credit for the training?
What will the training cost?
How many people will be selected?
What if I can't attend all of the classes?
Should I apply if I don't like public speaking?
What type of outreach does a trained Healthy Home Master Home Educator conduct?
Is a background check conducted?
Are there readings and homework for the class?