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Healthy Homes

In Home Air Quality Assessment Signup for Fort Collins residents.

In-Home Assessment

For Fort Collins residents, in-home assessments are performed by our Master Home Educators and typically take less than an hour and a half. We work hard to find a time that works with your busy schedule, and there are absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

Included with each assessment is a free radon test kit. We'll check your home for potential mold and moisture problems and we'll leave you with a wealth of information and resources about your indoor air quality and low cost or no cost recommendations you can implement to mitigate many of the most common problems.

Home Assessment Process

Click on the Sign up link above to request in-home assessment. We will contact you to set a date and time for the assessment. At that time, two of our volunteer Master Home Educators will come to your house and go through the following process:

  • Initial discussion and interview
  • Non-invasive walk through inspection to identify problem areas and concerns
  • Set up a Radon test kit if applicable
  • Distribute fire/smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide detectors if needed

At the end of the walk through, our MHE's will leave you with 3-5 recommendations based on what was found through the assessment. They will also leave you with a wealth of information about other City of Fort Collins services including:

  • Transportation Options
  • Recycling and Hazardous Waste
  • No Idling and Eco Driving
  • Home Energy Efficiency Audit
  • City Natural Areas
  • Rebate Programs

Finally, we will follow up with you after a month or so to find out how you're doing with the recommendations and to see if you need any more information.