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Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes Resource List

Resource Website Contact No. Area
AirNow - Air Quality Forecast    Air Quality Testing & Information
Air Pollution Alerts   Air Quality Testing & Information
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000 Air Quality Testing & Information
City of Fort Collins Air Quality Program 970-221-6600 Air Quality Testing & Information
Colorado Dept. of Health 303-692-3100 Air Quality Testing & Information
Doc's Super Vac 970-221-9763 Air Quality Testing & Information
Larimer County Environmental Health 970-498-6775 Air Quality Testing & Information
Walsh Environmental 970-223-5655 Air Quality Testing & Information
Achoo Allergy 1-800-339-7123 Allergy Control Covers for Pillows/Mattress
National Allergy Supply, Inc. 1-800-522-1448 Allergy Control Covers for Pillows/Mattress
Target 970-223-9100 Allergy Control Covers for Pillows/Mattress
Walmart 970-493-3934 Allergy Control Covers for Pillows/Mattress
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000 Asbestos Testing
EMSL Anaytical, Inc. 303-740-5700 Asbestos Testing
Property Doctors 888-456-0911 Asbestos Testing
Risk Removal 970-221-9121 Asbestos Testing
Thomas and Thomas 970-224-4303 Asbestos Testing
Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies 970-978-4114 Asthma and Allergies
Asthma & Allergy Foundation 800-7-ASTHMA Asthma and Allergies
American Lung Association 1-800-586-4872 Asthma and Allergies
Colorado Asthma and Allergy 970-221-1681 Asthma and Allergies
Fort Collins Youth Clinic 970-267-6709 Asthma and Allergies
National Jewish Hospital 877-225-5654 Asthma and Allergies
Northern Colorado Allergy & Asthma 970-221-2370 Asthma and Allergies
Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers P.C. 970-495-8153 Asthma and Allergies
UC Health-Asthma Education 970-495-8153 Asthma and Allergies
Salud Family Health Centers 970-494-4040 Asthma and Allergies
Allen Service 970-744-2557 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Blue Valley Energy - HVAC 303-993-2645 Furnace and Air Conditioning
City of Fort Collins Energy Efficiency 970-212-2900 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Eagle Mechanical 970-223-9000 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning 970-484-4552 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Gary Hooley Heating  & Air Conditioning 970-493-3272 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Poudre Valley Air 970-372-0892 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Northern Colorado Air 970-223-8873 Furnace and Air Conditioning
R&H Heating and Air Conditioning 970-226-3619 Furnace and Air Conditioning
Poudre Fire Authority 970-416-2892 Gas Leaks
Poudre Valley Rural Electric 970-226-1234 Gas Leaks
Xcel Energy 800-895-1999 Gas Leaks
Larimer County Landfill 970-498-5771 Hazardous Product Disposal
City of Fort Collins - Recycling 970-221-6600 Hazardous Product Disposal
City of Fort Collins Hazardous Waste 970-212-2900 Hazardous Product Disposal
ABA Mobile Home Parts & Services   970-482-0324 Home Maintenance
Best Energy Monitor 970-672-6903 Home Maintenance
Fort Collins Handyman 970-599-1121 Home Maintenance
High Craft Builders 970-472-8100 Home Maintenance
Larimer Home Improvement Program 970-667-3232 Home Maintenance
The Repairmen 970-482-2628 Home Maintenance
Volunteers of America Handy Man Program 970-472-9630 Home Maintenance
Weatherization Pro 303-907-4066 Home Maintenance
American Assn. of Poison Control Centers 800-222-1222 Lead Information
National Lead Information Center 800-424-LEAD Lead Information
Centers for Disease Control 800-CDC-INFO Lead Information
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000 Lead Testing
EMSL Anaytical, Inc. 303-740-5700 Lead Testing
Property Doctors 888-456-0911 Lead Testing
Risk Removal 970-221-9121 Lead Testing
Thomas and Thomas 970-224-4303 Lead Testing
Guide to Less Toxic Products   Less Toxic Alternatives
CSU Master Gardner Program 970-491-7030 Less Toxic Alternatives
Healthy Homes Recipe Book 970-416-2832 Less Toxic Alternatives
American Lung Association 800-548-8252 Lung Health
City of Fort Collins Air Quality 970-221-6600 Lung Health
Radon Information 970-221-6600 Lung Health
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000 Mold Mitigation
Control Environmental Group 970-493-8100 Mold Mitigation
EMSL Anaytical, Inc. 303-740-5700 Mold Mitigation
Property Doctors 970-224-0911 Mold Mitigation
Puroclean Restoration Services 970-833-3100 Mold Mitigation
Rainbow International 970-484-3265 Mold Mitigation
Risk Removal 970-221-9121 Mold Mitigation
Servepro 970-493-6335 Mold Mitigation
Thomas and Thomas 970-224-4303 Mold Mitigation
CSU Integrated Pest Management 970-491-1377 Pest Control
CSU Pesticide Education Program 970-491-3947 Pest Control
Department of Agriculture 303-239-4179 Pest Control
EPA   Pest Control
Allen Service 970-484-4841 Plumbing
Bershinsky Plumbing and Heating 970-493-4355 Plumbing
Good Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air 970-493-1000 Plumbing
Hahn Plumbing & Heating 970-484-7668 Plumbing
Lind's Plumbing and Heating 970-221-1735 Plumbing
Rex's Plumbing and Heating 970-225-5112 Plumbing
Ridgeline Plumbing 970-515-8292 Plumbing
Taft Hill Plumbing and Heating Y2FybHRvbjE3MTdAbXNuLmNvbQ== 970-817-0602 Plumbing
City of Fort Collins - Environmental Services 970-221-6604 Radon Information
Larimer County Health Department 970-498-6775 Radon Information
National Radon Hotline 800-SOS-RADON Radon Information
EPA Radon Information 800-SOS-RADON Radon Information
Colorado Radon Information 303-692-3442 Radon Information
Absolute Radon 970-308-2679 Radon Mitigation
Bwise Radon Testing and Mitigation, LLC 970-420-9470 Radon Mitigation
Drennen Custom Contracting 970-482-9100 Radon Mitigation
Certified Radon Technologies 970-224-4031 Radon Mitigation
EvergreenRadon & Construction Services 970-581-4197 Radon Mitigation
Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation 970-416-0196 Radon Mitigation
Strong Heating and Cooling 970-219-7572 Radon Mitigation
American Lung Association 303-388-4327 Smoking
Colorado Department of Public Health & Env.   Smoking
Health District of Northern Larimer County 970-224-5209 Smoking
Larimer County Health Department 970-498-6700 Smoking
City of Fort Collins 970-221-6600 Wood Smoke
Report Wood Smoke Problems 970-224-6046 Wood Smoke
Answers on Aging Senior Hotline 970-407-7066 Aging
Aspen Club 970-495-8560 Aging
Catholic Charities Northern Senior Outreach 970-484-5010 Aging
Elderhaus 970-221-0406 Aging
Lutheran Family Services  970-232-1183 Aging
Volunteers of America/RSVP 970-472-9630 Aging
Fort Collins Cat Rescue 970-484-8516 Animal Control
Larimer County Humane Society 970-226-3647 Animal Control
Wildlife Removal 970-776-1616 Animal Control
Center for Family Outreach (Troubled Teens) 970-221-1615 Children's Safety and Health
ChildSafe Colorado 970-472-4133 Children's Safety and Health
Crossroads Safe House 970-530-2353 Children's Safety and Health
Disabled Resource Services 970-482-2700 Children's Safety and Health
La Familia - The Family Center 970-221-1615 Children's Safety and Health
Health District of Larimer County 970-224-5209 Children's Safety and Health
Homeless Prevention Initiative 970-407-7021 Children's Safety and Health
Respite Care 970-207-9435 Children's Safety and Health
Teaching Tree Early Childhood Education Children's Safety and Health  
City of Fort Collins - Utilities 970-212-2900 Energy Efficiency
Xcel Energy - Recharge Colorado 800-632-6662 Energy Efficiency
City of Fort Collins - Environmental Services 970-221-6600 Recycling
City of Fort Collins Hazardous Waste   Recycling
Larimer County Hazardous Waste 970-498-5771 Recycling
Catholic Charities 970-407-7066 Support Agencies
Disabled Resource Services 970-482-2700 Support Agencies
Larimer County EFNEP-SNAP 970-498-6015 Support Agencies
Fort Collins Housing Authority 970-416-2910 Support Agencies
Long Term Care Options 970-679-4470 Support Agencies
Neighborhood Services 970-224-6046 Support Agencies
Neighbor to Neighbor 970-484-7498 Support Agencies
Poudre Valley Public Library 970-221-6698 Support Agencies
United Way of Larimer County 970-407-7000 Support Agencies
Volunteers of America 970-481-9630 Support Agencies
Bike Fort Collins   Transportation Options
City of Ft. Collins
Planning Development &Transportation 970-224-6058 Transportation Options
Dial-a-Ride 970-224-6066 Transportation Options
FC Bikes 970-416-2411 Transportation Options
Fort Collins Bike Coop 970-484-3804 Transportation Options
Larimer Lift   970-498-7541 Transportation Options
Logistics Care Colorado - Medicaid Patients 800-284-5150 Transportation Options
Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT) 970-223-8645 Transportation Options
Transfort Bus Services 970-221-6620 Transportation Options
VanGO & CarGO 970-224-6148 Transportation Options
City of Fort Collins - Utilities 970-212-2900 Water Efficiency