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Healthy Homes

Premise of the Healthy Homes Program

  • One out of four homes in Fort Collins has a family member with respiratory ailments
  • Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors
  • Indoor air quality can be up 5 times worse than outdoor air quality
  • The greatest environmental risk is where we have the greatest control - in our own homes
  • Indoor Air Quality is one of the EPA's top 5 environmental health risks


Healthy Homes is a free, indoor air quality program for residents of the City of Fort Collins aimed at improving the air quality of their homes by reducing chemical and biological pollutants, and promoting safety. Many home health and safety issues can be resolved with low cost or no cost solutions.

The program was started in 2011 and originally modeled after the Seattle/King County Healthy Homes Project. Our program is a unique collaboration of staff, volunteers and partner organizations all working together to support and improve the respiratory health of Fort Collins Residents.

The program is designed to:

  • Create awareness to reduce asthma triggers
  • Reduce toxic or harmful exposure in homes
  • Promote and enhance healthy, safe, and environmentally sound household practices
  • Increase the number of homes tested and mitigated for radon
  • Increase effective indoor air quality practices through community-level education and outreach programs
  • Increase participation in home energy efficiency audits

Values and Principles:

  • A healthy home environment improves the quality of resident's lives, particularly children and individuals with respiratory problems
  • A personalized approach is effective in motivating people to improve their home environment and change behaviors
  • Residents, through their own actions, can make changes in their home to prevent illness, and make their homes the best they can be in face of extreme weather events and wildfires.