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Online Reports#

Monthly Sales Tax Reports#

An in-depth look at sales tax and use tax with an analysis of the major drivers of month-to-month and year-over-year performance. It also includes graphical comparisons to budgeted sales and use tax revenue streams. 

View Monthly Sales Tax Reports

Quarterly Grants Update#

A report detailing the quarterly applications for grants, as well as the awards of grants across the City organization, including grant amounts and supporting details behind service area efforts and significant grant programs and activity.

View Quarterly Grants Update

Monthly Comparative Income Statements#

A running 7 years of actual revenues and expenses year-to-date through the month selected. 

View Monthly Comparative Income Statements

Quarterly Financial Reports#

The Quarterly Financial Report is designed to provide a high level summary of the City's revenues and expenditures compared to budget for both Governmental and Enterprise (Utility) activities. 

View Quarterly Financial Reports

City Expenses (Open Book)#

An online tool designed to disclose the City's expenses by department, service area, fund, and vendor. It also contains the prior year employee earnings data.

View City Expenses (Open Book)

Community Dashboard#

The Community Dashboard is a quarterly snapshot of the community's progress in attaining key outcomes. 

View Community Dashboard

Community Scorecard#

A collection of performance data and information that highlights how the City is doing in meeting its goals in these seven areas: High Performing Government, Economic Health, Environmental Health, Neighborhood Livability, Safe Community, Cultural and Recreational Opportunities, Transportation. It includes data that demonstrates where the City is doing well and where there are opportunities to improve. The publication is updated annually.

View Community Scorecard

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report#

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report includes the results of the City's annual financial audit, management discussion and analysis, comprehensive financial statements and various statistical reports.

View Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

People's Financial Report#

The People's Financial Report includes abbreviated financial results in a condensed and simplified manner for a concise, easy-to-understand report.

View People's Financial Report

Budget Reports#

The City does a 2-year budget cycle. This page contains the previously adopted budget, capital budget and off-cycle budget revisions. In years when the budget is being prepared for the next budget cycle, it will also contain the City Manager's Recommended Budget that goes to Council prior to being modified and becoming the new official City budget.

View Budget Reports

Federal Grant Compliance Report#

This report, often referred to as a single audit, displays the previous fiscal year expenditures of all open federal awards, including awards granted in prior years. This report is generated by the Citys financial auditors as a part of their annual audit and is posted to the internet per federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 Audit of States and Local Governments and Non-profit Organizations.