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Unclaimed Funds#


The City of Fort Collins desires to return unclaimed funds to its rightful owner. The unclaimed funds consist of items such as:

  • Uncashed checks for vendor payments
  • Balances in terminated Utilities accounts
  • Payroll checks
  • Other payments or refunds due

How To Claim Listed Funds#

Follow the steps below to file a claim:

  1. Find your name on the unclaimed funds list
  2. Complete the unclaimed funds form
  3. Include ID information
    • Individuals: Include a copy of your driver license or valid (state of government issued) photo ID
    • Businesses: Include a copy of a W9 form showing your Federal Tax ID
  4. Mail the completed unclaimed funds form along with the required documentation to the below address (do not email the forms):
    • City of Fort Collins - Accounts Payable, ATTN: Unclaimed Funds, PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522

Frequently Asked Questions#

No.  Since the claim form requires a Social Security Number or EIN (for businesses), we require that you mail it to City of Fort Collins, Accounts Payable, PO Box 580, Fort Collins CO 80522.

Generally speaking, most checks are cut within 30 days.  In some cases, the process may take longer depending upon the amount of the check and the identify verification materials provided.

Once a year.

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