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Innovation Summit Planned on February 12

The City of Fort Collins will host an Innovation Summit Monday February 12, 2018, to brainstorm challenges and opportunities associated with achieving the community’s Climate Action Plan Goals. Areas of focus will be energy, transportation, waste reduction and behavior change.  The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Roger Firestien of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo. Space is limited so registration is required. The event will be at the Elizabeth Hotel, 111 Chestnut St.

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City Announces Grant Recipients

The City of Fort Collins has awarded five Innovate Fort Collins Challenge grants worth about $265,000 to help the community reduce its carbon footprint by 2020 and beyond. Based on the scores from the August 3 public pitch night and overall judging, the winners of the competition:

  • Spring Back Colorado ($75,000) for scaling its Fort Collins business where it provides redemptive employment opportunities through recycling of bed mattresses and box springs.
  • Front Range Community College ($65,212) for a learning project that uses a solar photovoltaic panel and electric vehicle charging station at the Harmony Library.
  • Colorado State University ($44,550) for development and implementation of an online transportation and safety education module for incoming freshmen.
  • Insecticycle LLC ($40,000) for a pilot-scale facility to demonstrate a cradle-to-cradle food waste diversion process using black solider fly larvae.
  • Poudre School District ($40,000) for testing food composting technology in middle schools.

A total of $264,762 was awarded in this first round of the challenge with a second round scheduled in 2018. This first round also leveraged $60,000 of re-appropriated money from the Advanced Waste Stream Optimization Offer, which allowed additional waste diversion and recycling projects to be funded.

Public Pitch Night

On August 3 2017, finalists in the Innovate Fort Collins Challenge presented their pitches for funding to the public in the Lincoln Center’s Magnolia Theatre. The event, attended by about 150 people, featured six finalists who pitched their ideas for achieving key Fort Collins carbon reduction goals.

The finalists included a broad range of businesses and organizations proposing solutions to challenges related to waste materials, transportation and energy. The finalists:

  • Spring Back Colorado
  • Insecticycle LLC
  • Front Range Community College
  • Colorado State University
  • Transition Fort Collins
  • Poudre School District

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Project Overview

The City of Fort Collins is pleased to offer the Innovate Fort Collins Challenge, a competition that seeks proposals for innovative projects to help achieve the community’s ambitious Climate Action Plan goals. Participating businesses and organizations can explore new ideas or technology, leverage a financial award, and have an opportunity to showcase their project to a broader audience.

The Fort Collins community submitted 58 applications worth $5.5 million for the City’s first Innovate Fort Collins Challenge, which will fund projects capable of achieving carbon reductions in energy, transportation and waste materials.

April 28 was the deadline for submitting letters of intent for the Challenge, which will provide up to $250,000 to innovative projects that help the community reach its Climate Action goals.

Competition Focus

  • Increased conservation, efficiency and renewable energy by city residents or businesses demonstrated by reduced energy use or increased alternative energy production;
  • Increased use by city residents or businesses of alternative transportation options over traditional automobiles resulting in reduced vehicle trips / reduced single-occupant travel in the city, etc.; and
  • Greater reduction, reuse and recycling of waste materials by city residents or businesses

Eligibility Requirements

  • Clear alignment with targeted themes in application material;
  • Clear articulation of project plan and schedule, budget, goals, metrics and data collection process;
  • Clear linkage to greenhouse gas reductions;
  • Primary project benefits within city limits; and
  • Sufficient, credible and current insurance, licensing and other documentation, as appropriate.

Successful applicants will be eligible to receive financial awards ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 based on approved project plans and budget.

Key Dates

  • Week of April 3rd: Competitive process launched
  • April 28th: Letter of Intent due
  • June 2nd: Full application due (for invited applicants)
  • August 3rd: Pitch Night
  • Awards will be announced in August 2017