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January - 2014 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Join the "By Colorado" Campaign

Branding can be tough for small companies, but a new state program is meant to help leverage the state’s well known cachet for homegrown and large Colorado based businesses alike.

Companies that join the “By Colorado” state brand licensing program can obtain logos and royalty free licensing for marketing their brands. The “By Colorado” state brand licensing program is designed to give Colorado companies an extra push that will help with increased sales and strengthened brand loyalty, said Teri Cavanagh, director of the “By Colorado” campaign, who works in collaboration with Aaron Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer for the state.

“We are working hard to establish connections with companies across the state, and are counting on businesses to spread the word so we can sign new companies and really being to make our collective voice heard.” said Teri Cavanagh, director of the “By Colorado” campaign. The initiative has set aggressive goals for new company recruitments.

According to state officials, 92 percent of state residents say they would buy more Colorado products if they were identified as being from Colorado.

How to Sign Up for “By Colorado”

Five state logos have been created to distinguish you as a Colorado producer and direct customers to your goods and services. The licensing program is free and joining is easy:

  • Go to
  • Click on “USE THE BRAND” right from the home page.
  • Click on “Apply to use the brand here” at the top of the following page
  • Fill out the application and submit the form.