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August - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Cache la Poudre River Research through Regional Partnership

A new initiative by Colorado State University (CSU) and the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster (CWIC) focuses on the Cache la Poudre River watershed. Named the Watershed Innovation Network (WIN), the partnership will provide a unique platform for academic research and private product development to address current and future water challenges.

The initiative will focus on discovering innovative solutions and cost-effective technologies to meet the ever-increasing global demand for clean water. Topics addressed during the project include homeland security and early warning systems, drinking water safety, climate change adaptation, surface/groundwater interactions, watershed planning and management, the nexus of water and energy and more.

The Cache la Poudre begins with pristine water at its origin; it’s free from outside influences, making the watershed a unique laboratory for analyzing changes to water quality and flow. WIN will use real-time data monitoring along the Poudre at sixty instrumentation stations, and will generate opportunities to advance existing technology, develop new technology and create new methods of analysis and management. Bringing community partners together, with deep expertise in water management and analytic fields, increases the economic vitality in our community and influences water safety around the world.

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