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March - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Event Wrap-up: Author and Entrepreneur Michael Shumans Visit to Fort Collins

On Friday, February 25, Be Local Northern Colorado hosted the workshop Community Capital: New Tools for Local Investing with guest speakers Michael Shuman and Michael Hannigan.

Michael Shuman is the Director of Research and Marketing for Cutting Edge Capital, as well as the Director of Research and Economic Development for Business Alliance for Local Living Economies BALLE. Shuman focused on enhancing and nurturing local economies to invest in themselves and create a place-based economy. His data argues that a dollar spent at a local business goes further in the local economy than a dollar spent at a non-local business.

Michael Hannigan is the Executive Director of Pikes Peak Community Foundation in Colorado Springs. Hannigan explained how Colorado Springs is a great case study for creating local economies where it might not otherwise be possible. He explained the vitality of his community foundation remained strong through the economic downturn because of relationships and focusing locally.

The local community was well represented at the workshop with bankers, small business owners, investors, non-profits, and municipalities in attendance. Learn more about Be Local Northern Colorado,