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November - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Urban Renewal Authority WebsiteReorganized and Refreshed

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to refrain from promoting a revised website, kind of like how cereal companies plaster New and Improved all over the front of the box, when in fact the only thing different is the packaging. But the new Urban Renewal Authority (URA) site,, is different in everyway, and we just cant keep it to ourselves.

For more than six years the URA has been investing in the North College Corridor. New and expanded developments include major manufacturing facilities, new commercial space, a new business incubator and an innovative lifestyle neighborhood. Check out the new URA site to learn more about all the projects at If youve wanted to learn more about the URA process and policies, these guiding documents are found on the website now, along with details of the seven projects including their applications, quick fact sheet, short narrative, media articles, photos and more.

Still a little confused about tax increment financing? Youll find an extensive FAQ online, including a helpful graph illustrating property tax earned over time on URA projects. Want to know the official definition of blight? Its there too.

Instead of tooting the URA website horn even more, visit the site yourself