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July - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Urban Renewal Authority Update: Jax Expansion

Following a recently approved redevelopment agreement between the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and Jax Mercantile, the outdoor supply company is moving forward on an expansion project.

Jax Mercantile is a locally owned business in north Fort Collins with an outdoor line of products that draws customers from northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Their addition, at 1200 North College Ave., will result in an extra 25 percent of retail space, additional parking and an enhanced eastside entrance.

Because of significant funding gaps and infrastructure deficiencies, the URA is providing tax increment financing (TIF) to offset the costs of public improvements and provide needed utilities in an area that has remained underdeveloped. Public improvements on the site will greatly enhance the local areas property tax base and be more attractive to potential businesses and property owners. Read more about the agreement here (PDF/ 2.3 MB).

Cool new stuff to look forward to: shoppers will get to tryout water/fishing equipment on a pond within a new courtyard between their existing retail space and the soon-to-be renovated warehouse.