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June - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Sales Tax Update

  • Sales Tax Total: Actual sales tax collections were $5, 032,877, a decrease of 4% compared to April 2008. The April collections are $83,292 lower than the amount expected according to sales tax seasonal pattern.
  • Use Tax Total: Use Tax receipts totaled $536,328 in April, a decrease of 50.6%. The City is behind budget projections for the month of $296,779 when compared to historical data.
  • Building Permits: Building permit use tax receipts were down in April 100.9% below 2008s collections.
  • Residential Permits: 16 permits, an additional 57 for remodels. In April 2008 there were 153 permits pulled, and 54 remodel permits.
  • Commercial Permits: 0 new permits, 19 remodel permits. In April 2008, there were 3 permits pulled for new construction and 33 remodel permits pulled.
  • Sales Tax Licenses: 54 net new licenses were issued.