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March - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Local Business Innovation: Fort Collins Local Living Economy Network

Locally-owned independent businesses have a system of innovation support as well. The LEEN seeks to keep businesses local for a healthy community life and for economic vitality. Many kinds of businesses benefit from these efforts, including arts and culture, business and hospitality, farm and ranch, food and dining, health and well-being, home and living, recreation and education, and stores and shops.

Each month a local community market is held indoors to provide a place for local food producers and craftsmen to sell their products. Attendance has grown to 1,500 visitors! Watch for the next Community Market: Spring, on Saturday, March 28th in the Opera Galleria, in Downtown Fort Collins, 123 S. College Avenue.

To learn more about the Local Living Economy Network and its annual Be Local Coupon Book, visit