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August - 2008 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Policies that Support Economic Health

In mid July, City Council approved the Boxelder Creek Regional Stormwater Master Plan. The Boxelder Regional Stormwater Master Plan will benefit the citizens of Fort Collins because it will protect the health, property, safety and welfare of the City. The Master Plan provides economic benefits as well; it will remove undeveloped lands with frontage along I-25 from the floodplain, allowing for potential future development.

City Council also passed a resolution authorizing the execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement that will establish the Boxelder Basin Regional Stormwater Authority. Working collaboratively with Larimer County, Timnath, the town of Wellington, and other agencies, the City will jointly fund, build, own and operate the regional stormwater facilities in the Boxelder Creek Basin. Establishing a Stormwater Authority and removing 5,000 acres of floodplain from the Boxelder Basin was first raised by City Council in 2004.

Metro Districts

City Council also adopted a policy that allows developers to create Metropolitan District Service Plans. Metropolitan Districts are a common tool used in Colorado to assist in financing significant infrastructure related to developing property.

City Council has ultimate authority over approving or not approving a service plan of a Metro District. Examples of improvements managed by a Metro District includes:

  • Street Improvements
  • Stormwater Improvements
  • Transportation Improvements
  • Parks and Recreation Improvements
  • Water Improvements
  • Sanitary Sewer Improvements
  • Operations and Maintenance for above items

Metro Districts issue tax-exempt bonds, to be repaid by a mill levy charged to properties within the Districts boundaries, to pay for these improvements. Fort Collins joins many other municipalities in Northern Colorado who allow Metropolitan Districts.

The City of Fort Collins Economic Development Office is excited to offer this tool to commercial developers whose projects reflect the City's economic strategysustaining and growing primary employment and encouraging major retail center redevelopment and development.