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Equity Indicators Dashboard#

children and teachers seated at a table in early education classroom

Equity Indicators are one tool local governments can use to measure and track the experiences of equality among community members to more proactively address systems that perpetuate racism and/or oppression.

For this project, data disaggregated by race, ethnicity, and other demographic factors was collected and analyzed by the CUNY Institute for State & local Governance to examine the lived experience of people in Fort Collins.

Equity Indicators Dashboard (updated August 2022): the dashboard displays data across a variety of measures that track disparities in outcomes and perceptions of Fort Collins community members. 

This work takes time because we are committed to building trusting relationships with community members and groups whose lives the report represents in numbers. Data and numbers tell just one side of the story and to tell the whole story we are connecting with the people in our community and agencies working in these spaces to reach a fuller understanding of the barriers, the circumstances that perpetuate barriers, what is in place now to remove barriers and increase accessibility, and what could and should be done to truly advance equity for all. 

It is updated as materials, data, and additional context are analyzed by departments and community groups and will continue to grow over time.

Equity Indicators Report: released March 2021.

The Equity Indicators Project is funded in part by the generosity of community donors.

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