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Online Resources for High Schools#

Fort Collins Safe Routes to School Instructional Videos

Bicycling Series: "How to Lock Your Bike"#

This video shows how to properly lock your bicycle to various types of bike racks, using two different types of bike locks. Watch the video.

City of Fort Collins Active Modes Resource Page#

This web page includes online classes and resources suitable for both teenagers and adults, including parents, teachers, and school staff. One of the best resources here is an online version of Bicycle Friendly Driver, for high-school students and adults. Let's make Fort Collins a safer place for all roadway users through fun, educational online learning.

Become a Safer Roadway User

League of American Bicyclists "Smart Cycling" Videos#

This page on the League's website has a selection of videos that teach safe-cycling skills for teenagers and adults.

Be a Smart Cyclist

Bikeology: Bike Lessons Across the Curriculum#

This resource, designed for middle- and high-school students, provides an extensive set of lessons focusing on bicycles and bike safety.

The curriculum includes a parents' guide, too, with everyday safety lessons that parents can practice with their kids.

View Bikeology