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Safe Routes to School

Online Resources for Elementary Schools#

Walking & Bicycling Series: "Why We Walk and Bicycle"#

This video describes the many benefits of walking and biking to school (and other places). Watch the video.

Walking Series: "Never Dart Into the Street!"#

This video is presented by SRTS instructor Debbie Uphoff. She explains the reasons why children should never, ever dart into the street. Darting, or running, into the street is a primary way that children get hit by cars and is something for parents and teachers to teach kids to avoid. Watch the video.

Walking Series: "Stay Safe in Parking Lots and Crosswalks"#

This video is presented by SRTS instructor Rose Samaniego. She explains how kids can safely navigate parking lots and how to safely use crosswalks on streets. Watch the video.

Walking Series: "Best Practices for Walking to School"#

This video describes several best practices for walking to school and for taking the school bus. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Me Check and Helmet Check"#

It's important that kids check to make sure that they are ready to ride before getting on their bicycle. It's especially important to wear a properly fitting helmet. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "ABC Quick Check"#

This video describes how to check your bike before every ride to make sure it is safe and ready to roll. This particular video was produced by the Active Transportation Alliance in Chicago. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Learn to Ride"#

This video demonstrates a new technique for teaching children how to ride a bike without training wheels. When a child is mentally and physically ready to ride, this technique can get them pedaling very quickly. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Common Bicycle Crashes"#

This video describes common crashes that kids have on their bicycles and how to avoid them. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "How to Lock Your Bike"#

This video shows you how to lock your bike properly to a bike rack, using two different types of locks. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Skills, Part 1"#

This video covers how to get on and off your bicycle properly, how to do a "power start," and how to use your brakes and stop safely. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Skills, Part 2"#

This video explains the importance of riding straight and steady, stopping at stop signs, and yielding to other vehicles on the road. It also describes how to safely cross pedestrian crosswalks and railroad tracks. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Skills, Part 3"#

This video shows how to correctly do hand signals while riding a bicycle. Bicyclists are required to use hand signals to indicate when they are turning left or right, or when they are stopping. Watch the video.

Bicycling Series: "Skills, Part 4, Bike Rodeo"#

This video shows kids and families how to set up a bike-skills course, or "bike rodeo" at their own home. Watch the video.

Wear a Properly Fitting Helmet#

Watch the video.

Ride a Safe Bike#

Watch the video.

Be Visible#

Watch the video.

Ride With the Flow of Traffic#

Watch the video.

Ride Predictably#

Watch the video.

Pedestrian Safer Journey for K-12 Students#

The Perfect Time to Teach Your Child to Ride#

Now that parents are at home 24/7 with their kids due to the coronavirus, there is plenty of time to teach your child how to ride a bicycle. 

We recommend that you find an empty, paved school playground area (easy to do right now) or a large empty parking lot (such as a church parking lot on a non-Sunday) to practice, so your learner has lots of room to maneuver.

Here are a few helpful resources:

City of Fort Collins SRTS Resources Page#

Here is a list of additional resources for bike-ped safety that you can use any time of year.

Fort Collins SRTS Resources Page

Walk & Wheel Skills Hub#

A great place to practice safe bicycling and pedestrian skills is the Walk & Wheel Skills Hub. This is a City park designed like a paved roadway, with various street signs, railroad tracks, roundabout, etc. But the great thing is, there is no car traffic! So it's a perfect place for kids and adults to practice using roadways on foot or by bike in a completely safe setting.

Visit the Walk & Wheel Skills Hub!

How to Choose a Safe Route to School#

Here is a resource that guides you on how to choose a safe route to school in Fort Collins.

Choose a Safe Route

CDOT SRTS Cross-curriculum Lessons for K-8 Students#

For teachers and parents wanting to teach their kids about safe biking and walking through subjects such as math, history, and English, this is the resource for you!

The Colorado Department of Transportation created these lessons for K-8 students to be able to learn more creatively through a variety of subjects. 

View CDOT's K-8 Curriculum

For Teachers, School Staff, and Parents#

Now is a great time for adults to learn more about roadway safety, too. The City offers many bicycling and motorist classes, which are continuing during this current stay-at-home period. 

Check out the "Digital Resources"