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Police Recruiting

Hiring FAQs#

Do I have to be POST certified or Police Academy Graduate to be hired as a Fort Collins Police Officer?

No, if hired, we will put you through our Colorado Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) academy also known as Fort Collins Police Academy. This is an in-house academy that you attend at our expense, and you will be paid the entry level salary of $72,611.

Can military experience or previous work experience be substituted for the 60 semester hour/90 quarter hour requirement?

Although we value prior military and work experience, we do not allow for any substitutions to be made for the minimum education standards.

What is the hiring process for Police Officer?
What is the lateral entry pay program?

If you are a fully certified police officer in the state of Colorado or another state and are able to meet the Colorado POST requirements for certified officer; and have served as a full-time police officer for a minimum of two years; and have been employed in good standing within one year of the application date as a full time police officer, you may qualify for the Lateral Entry Pay Program. Qualified candidates will start at the level (4) pay rate, which is currently $90,067. Qualified Lateral Entry Officers are also eligible for a one-time 80 hour award time (time off) bank in addition to the existing vacation and holiday time benefits. Lateral Pay Officers will obtain top pay in approximately 2 years from date of hire. Lateral Pay Officers will complete 10 weeks at our Fort Collins Police Academy followed by a 16 week Field Training Officer program.

I’m currently POST certified, or certified in another state, but I don’t meet the criteria for the lateral entry pay program.

You will start at $84,219 as a Colorado POST certified (or a police officer in another state eligible for Colorado POST certification). This includes Colorado POST academy graduates that have not yet started employment as a police officer, as long as you are eligible for POST certification upon hire with us. You would be eligible for top pay in approximately 3 years. You will also receive a one-time 40 hour award time (time off) bank in addition to the existing vacation and holiday time benefits.

I’m not POST certified, or a lateral officer. How will my pay work?

You will start at $72,611. You will receive step pay raises during the next 3.5 years until you will reach top pay of $98,824. You will receive a one-time award time (time off) bank of 20 hours upon your hire.

I live more than 200 miles from Fort Collins. How many times do I have to travel for the hiring process?

We offer an out of area testing week during each hiring process in which several of the components are compressed into a week. If you continue to the end of the hiring process, you will only need to travel to Fort Collins twice.

What benefits will I receive?
Do I have to reapply if I am not selected during a hiring process?

You must reapply each time you intend to participate in a hiring process.

How long does the hiring process take?

We are very thorough, as we want to select the best possible police officers. The process takes approximately eight months.

Do you assist with on-going education if hired?

We provide up to $1,500 a year in education reimbursement for our employees.

Do you have a minimum age restriction?

 Yes, you must be 21 years old at the close of applications to apply.

If hired, what training will I complete before being assigned to solo patrol?

If you are not POST certified when hired, you will complete our 22 week Fort Collins Police Academy followed by a 16 week Field Training Officer Program.

If you are POST certified, or a Lateral Officer, you will complete the last 10 weeks of our in-house police academy followed by a 16 week Field Training Program.

Do I have to attend an outside sponsored POST academy?

No, we put you through our very own Colorado POST academy also known as Fort Collins Police Academy. The academy is located at our police department, and is generally held daytime hours, Monday-Friday.

What equipment do I have to provide if I am hired?

We provide almost all equipment to you. This includes duty gear, uniforms, iPhone, take home police vehicle, firearms, dry cleaning, in-car computer, and other gear.

What kind of Training will I receive after I am assigned to solo patrol?

We provide a minimum of 10 hours a month of in-service training to each patrol officer. We strongly believe in providing top quality training to our officers. We have a new world class facility that features a 1.25-mile high-speed driving track, a 5.5-acre skid pad, a 21-lane 50-yard long firing range and versatile classroom space. 

I'd love to be a detective or in a special unit. Do I need to work a patrol officer first?

Working as a patrol officer is one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs in the world. This is where you develop the skills that build a base of experience that allow you to choose the course of your police career. Our patrol division allows many opportunities for investigation, community policing, and problem solving, and many police officers decide to work their entire career as a patrol officer. However, if you wish to pursue the opportunity to join a special unit, we ask that you serve as a patrol officer for at least two years before you compete in a selection process for a special unit.

What special units does the department have?
What written exam is used in the hiring process?

The written examination is the I/O Solutions NCJOSi2. Although not required to pass the test, there is a study guide available for purchase from the vendor at