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Police Recruiting

 Contact Information

  •   Dept Head: Chief Jeff Swoboda

Job Benefits

Fort Collins Police Services offers a superb salary and benefits package in a profession delivering incomparable job satisfaction, camaraderie, and excitement.

Details of the salary and benefits package are listed below:

2018 Police Officer Salary Information

Fort Collins Police Services offers a competitive salary range. Top pay is typically attained within three years of employment.

  • Non-POST Certified Entry Level - $62,698
  • Post Certified Officers - $72,722
  • Lateral Officer Pay Program - $77,772
  • Top level - $85,332

POST certified (or serving in another state and eligible for Colorado POST certification) are also eligible for a onetime 40 hour award time (time off) bank in addition to the existing vacation and holiday time benefits.

Non-POST certified applicants are eligible for a onetime 20 hour award time (time off) bank in addition to the existing vacation and holiday time benefits upon hire.

Lateral Officer Entry Pay Program

An officer is considered a Lateral Hire if they meet the following criteria at the time of hiring:

  • They are a fully certified police officer in the state of Colorado or another state and are able to meet the Colorado POST requirements for certified officer; and
  • They have served as a full-time police officer for a minimum of two years; and
  • They have been employed in good standing within one year of the application date as a full-time police officer.

Vacation/Holiday/Award Time

  • 80 hours of Holiday time each year
  • If you work on a holiday you can be paid 2 1/2 times your normal pay
  • You can earn up to 60 hours of award time a year through fitness testing and not utilizing sick days
  • Entry Level Officer earn 15 vacation days a year


  • Money Purchase Plan (401k) employee contribution of 8.5% with matching funds of 8.5%, fully vested after 3 years
  • Deferred Compensation Plan(457) with matching funds up to 3%
  • Retirement Health Care Savings Plan

Other Benefits:

  • One to one take home car program
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision coverage for family
  • Life Insurance/ Optional family coverage
  • Uniforms and cleaning provided
  • All equipment provided, including firearm.
  • Tuition reimbursement of up to $1500 a year for college courses at accredited schools