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Applicable Laws Regarding Regulated Marijuana#

This page provides an overview of the City of Fort Collins's marijuana laws, rules, and regulations, information about current marijuana policy development, and a history of marijuana policy in Fort Collins. 

Any form of business involving marijuana in Fort Collins requires a license or permit. There are several medical and retail marijuana business licenses. Each type has different privileges, requirements, and rules. Businesses that do not follow the rules could be fined, face disciplinary action, or lose their license. 

In November 2012, Colorado voters approved an amendment (Amendment 64) to the state constitution that makes the personal use, possession, and limited home-growing of marijuana legal under Colorado law for adults 21 years of age and older. Amendment 64 also required the State to establish a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.

The possession and use of marijuana remain a crime under federal law. Persons who use marijuana for recreational purposes are subject to criminal prosecution under federal law.

Effective January 1, 2020, The Colorado Marijuana code was consolidated from Articles 11 (Medical) and 12 (Retail) into a single Article 10 (Regulated Marijuana)

Colorado Revised Statutes: Title 44 Article 10: Regulated Marijuana-Colorado Marijuana Code

Local Laws And Rules/Regulations#

  • Chapter 15, Article XVII of the City Code (regulation of retail marijuana businesses)
  • Chapter 12, Article IX of the City Code (cultivation of marijuana for personal use)
  • Chapter 17, Article XI of the City Code (marijuana offenses)
  • Please review the Zoning Website first about your proposed marijuana property before submitting an application. Note: if Planning/Zoning/Building indicates applications and approvals are needed, those MUST be completed prior to application submission. Please refer to the City of Fort Collins Building Services page found here.
  • For more detailed information about zoning restrictions, visit our interactive zoning map.

City Code: Marijuana Regulation: Article XVI (medical) and Article XVII (retail)Chapter

History of marijuana and hemp policy in Fort Collins#

A timeline: marijuana legalization and highlights in the City of Fort Collins


  • Colorado voters approved Amendment 20, legalizing medical marijuana


  • City of Fort Collins adopted a moratorium on the issuance of city sales tax licenses for medical stores







  • The City of Fort Collins added a ballot question to allow City Council to amend the local medical marijuana code





  • City of Fort Collins City Manager administratively approves fees relating to regulated marijuana business licenses for Social Equity Applicants