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Applicable Laws Regarding Medical Marijuana#

Effective January 1, 2020, The Colorado Marijuana code was consolidated from Articles 11 (Medical) and 12 (Retail) into a single Article 10 (Regulated Marijuana).  Refer to the Colorado Revised Statutes 

The Colorado Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative, also known as Amendment 20, was approved by the voters in November 2000. The measure legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes and created an identification card system for patients and caregivers whose marijuana possession was covered by the measure.

In March 2010, the City of Fort Collins enacted a licensing provision for medical marijuana businesses. Applications were accepted from those who held a sales tax license for such purpose prior to the enactment of licensing provisions.

In November 2011, voters approved a citizen-initiated ordinance prohibiting the operation of medical marijuana businesses in Fort Collins. By February 14, 2012, all businesses were closed.

The marijuana business industry drafted its own initiative for the November 2012 ballot that reinstated the licensing of marijuana businesses in Fort Collins. This initiative imposed a limit cap on the number of medical marijuana stores in Fort Collins and gave preferential treatment to those businesses that were forced to close as a result of the 2011 initiative. Fort Collins began accepting applications from previous businesses in January 2013.

The possession and use of marijuana remain a crime under federal law. Persons who use marijuana for medical purposes are subject to criminal prosecution under federal law.

City-Medical Marijuana Cap

State Laws And Regulations#

Colorado Revised Statues-Regulated Marijuana

Local Laws And Rules/Regulations#

City Code Marijuana Regulation