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Program Confidentiality#

The Colorado Dispute Resolution Act (CDRA) states that all mediation communications are considered “confidential” with only a few exceptions (see CRS 13-22-301 et seq).  CDRA also says that no party, mediator, or program staff shall voluntarily disclose any mediation communications or be required to disclose such communications through discovery or other compulsory process.

This means:

  • All information you share with either the Mediation Program staff, or the volunteer mediators is confidential.
  • Any new information you learn during the mediation session is confidential.
  • If you reach an agreement, the agreement itself is not confidential.
  • The only exception to the confidentiality rule is that Mediation Program staff and its volunteer mediators will notify the appropriate authorities if any mediation communication reveals the intent to commit a felony, inflict bodily harm on self or others, or threaten the safety of a child under 18 years of age.