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Landlord Tenant Handbook

Available Conflict Resolution Services#

City of Fort Collins Community Mediation#


If your rental property falls within Fort Collins city limits, the City’s Mediation Program offers free and confidential mediation services to help you resolve differences on a wide variety of landlord-tenant disputes.  Mediation is a facilitated conversation where all parties have an opportunity to speak and listen to each other’s perspectives and create their own solutions to their shared problem. Mediation is a voluntary process and only happens if both parties must agree to participate.

Mediation is very cost-effective.  Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, mediation can save you time, energy, and hundreds of dollars in attorney fees.  In addition, Colorado courts have upheld mediated agreements as enforceable. 

To learn more about how the City’s Mediation Program can assist you in resolving your landlord-tenant conflict, call 970-224-6022 or email

CSU Student Tenants#

Colorado State University (CSU) students who live off-campus have access to a variety of conflict resolution services options for any landlord-tenant disputes they experience via the Student Resolution Center.  CSU students also have access to free legal services.


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