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Renting 101: Landlord Tenant Handbook#

The City of Fort Collins proudly presents Renting 101: Landlord Tenant Handbook.  It’s our hope that this handbook will help both landlords and tenants gain a big-picture understanding of the rights and responsibilities they each have in a residential rental housing agreement, thus reducing the level of conflict and confusion that may occur in these situations.

Renting 101


Thanks to the following people for all the help in compiling and editing this document!

  • Patsi Maroney and Kailee Melendez, City of Fort Collins Mediation Services
  • Perrie McMillen, City of Fort Collins Mediation & Restorative Justice Services
  • Melanie Clark and Dale Wood, City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Department
  • Mike Gebo and James Warren, City of Fort Collins Building Code Services Department
  • Lindsay Mason, Colorado State University – Off-Campus Life Office
  • Captain Bill Porter, Larimer Humane Society/Larimer Animal Protection and Control
  • Peter Dauster, Esq.