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Renting 101: Landlord Tenant Handbook

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Renting 101: Landlord Tenant Handbook

The City of Fort Collins proudly presents Renting 101: Landlord Tenant Handbook.  It’s our hope that this handbook will help both landlords and tenants gain a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities they each have in a residential rental housing agreement, thus reducing the level of conflict and confusion that may occur in these situations.

Renting 101


  • Patsi Maroney and Kailee Melendez, City of Fort Collins Mediation Services
  • Melanie Clark and Dale Wood, City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Department
  • Mike Gebo and James Warren, City of Fort Collins Building Code Services Department
  • Lindsay Mason, Colorado State University – Off-Campus Life Office
  • Captain Bill Porter, Larimer Humane Society/Larimer Animal Protection and Control
  • Peter Dauster, Esq.