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Volunteer Services Program Coordinator Charlotte Boney

beth rosen at signing

One out of every four Americans volunteer and three in five help their neighbors, according to a new federal report by the Corporation for National and Community service (CNCS) and the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC).

The report just goes to show that helping others is still a priority for millions of Americans. Here in Fort Collins, no one knows this better than the City’s new Volunteer Services Program Coordinator Charlotte Boney.

Boney, 27, six months into the newly created position, is no stranger to volunteering. Boney started for the City as a volunteer and has worked her way through the ranks to her new role.

Volunteering for the City in the Natural Areas Department, Boney got her foot in the door before quickly advancing to become a master naturalist. From there she got a job working for the Gardens at Spring Creek, managing the volunteer program and school field trips.

In 2014, 9,000 volunteers contributed upwards of 130,000 hours of time to improving Fort Collins. Recognizing the vast impact that this can have, City Council funded the new position and Boney had the unique opportunity to help craft the position she would eventually fill.

While Boney is new to the Volunteer Coordinator position, the position is not necessarily new to the City.

In 1984 Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, the City’s change management analyst, was hired on as the Volunteer Coordinator and filled the role until the late 80’s when funding for the role dried up. With the return of the position, Jarboe-Simpson is excited to see Boney take the helm.

“Volunteers are an additional staffing resource for this organization – and help push our services to the next level. Volunteers also provide a link from our organization to our community – and are great ambassadors for us,” Jarboe-Simpson said. “I am delighted that the role of Volunteer Coordinator for the City has come full circle. And I’m thrilled that Charlotte Boney is the organization’s Volunteer Coordinator.”

Just half a year into the new role, Boney is also delighted for the opportunities that lie ahead as she starts to lay the foundation for the new program.

While the program is robust, Boney sees lots of room for growth in the program, particularly when it comes to youth and online roles.

“I’m excited to see the volunteer program grow and to see more and more opportunities for people to volunteer,” Boney said. “I want to have volunteering be the cool thing to do and for them to be co-creators in what we do.”

Boney will kick off the New Year with a push to help break down silos and get the volunteer coordinators and volunteers on the same page. At the same time she will be out in the community asking residents what they want to see in the new program.   

Those interested in participating in the volunteer program can visit