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ClimateWise Reporting Guide

Badges | Levels | myClimateWise | Innovation Points | Reporting deadline | Guiding principles

ClimateWise Reporting 2018

It's reporting season and we are excited to help you report your 2018 sustainability actions!
  • To be recognized in 2019, your business must report by Jan. 31.

  • Report your actions in your myClimateWise Account - Go to and enter your email address. You will be sent a link to login to the system. When you follow the link, your businesses account will come up.

    • Go through each badge and check off all strategies your business completed in 2018.

    • Make sure to fill out the ClimateWise Waste Tracker.

    • If you feel that you don't have the time or resources to report your 2018 actions in myClimateWise,
      please let us know. We have other options for you to report and be recognized in 2019.

  • Send your project photos to Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t so we can recognize
    you throughout 2019.

  • Have questions about reporting? Contact us.

Report Now!


ClimateWise Badges

ClimateWise offers five primary badges and one specialty badge for your business to earn. Each primary badge (Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and Social Responsibility) offers a menu of strategies for your business to choose from. A strategy refers to a mixture of best management practices, actions, projects, innovative ideas, challenges and educational events. Strategies are divided into the following categories under each badge: Act, Educate and Plan, Quantify and Reduce and Innovate. They are mainly worth 1-3 points each, although a select group of strategies offer up to 10 points for projects that achieve significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. To earn a primary badge, you must claim a minimum of 8 points under the badge.

Click on the badges below for more information and resources.

Earning a Level

Your business can earn a level each year based on the total points you achieve across all of the badges.

  • Silver: 10-35 total points
  • Gold: 36-64 total points
  • Platinum: 65+ total points


myClimateWise is the web portal where you report your data as a Partner. Login information will be sent to you once you complete the ClimateWise pledge.

Login to myClimateWise

Innovation Points

When claiming points under the Innovation category, you should first review the regular strategy list under the badge and ensure that your project is not listed. If there is a similar strategy listed, consider claiming points under that strategy with a good description of how your project varied. Review the Guiding Principles for more information. Otherwise, consider the following factors and questions when assigning points to your project:

  1. GHG reduction potential - did the scope of your project reduce greenhouse gases? Was this a small, medium or large reduction? The EPA has a great page on measuring your impact that can help you understand the scope of potential reductions.
  2. Ease of implementation - was this a quick and easy project to put in place? Did you have to research and gain buy in from management?
  3. Time Commitment - how long did the project take? Did it take a significant investment of time, or was it a short, one time project?
  4. Monetary Commitment - considering the size of your operating budget, was the project a significant expense for your business?
  5. Employee involvement - did your project involve several employees or was it limited to just a few? Did you make an attempt to share out your project and involve as many employees as possible?

Analyze your answers to the questions above. If the project was fairly minor, quick to implement, involved few employees, and had a small budget, assign the project 1 point. If it took more time, money, employees, and commitment, assign it 2 points. If the project took multiple weeks to implement, involved several employees, and was a significant budget expense, assign it 3 points. For a combination of these factors, use your best judgment. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t

Reporting Deadline

The deadline to report and earn a level is January 31. If you are unable to obtain all your data by January 31, please contact Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t and we can work with you.

Guiding Principles of the ClimateWise Program

  • Points should only be claimed for actions completed within the Growth Management Area of Fort Collins.
  • Due to the wide variety of businesses within Fort Collins, ClimateWise recognizes that some businesses might not be able to implement a certain strategy exactly as written. The primary consideration when working to claim points should be to fulfill the intent of the strategy.
  • To the fullest extent possible, employees of the business should be aware of involvement in the ClimateWise program. We encourage staff that work on ClimateWise to spread the word and share what badges have been earned with employees.
  • For businesses that have multiple buildings within Fort Collins, points can be claimed if at least one building meets the intent of the strategy.
  • Report as you go. As your business achieves strategies in the program, use myClimateWise to report and watch your points add up over the year.