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How to Participate in ClimateWise

Step 1: Take the ClimateWise pledge.

Step 2: You will receive an email from ClimateWise staff with your myClimateWise access and next steps to participate.

Step 3: Review the badges in myClimateWise and learn how to get credit for actions you’re currently doing as well as future strategies you’d like to pursue.

Step 4: Report strategies your business has already implemented.*

Step 5: Work on implementing additional strategies, collect required data and report it. Need help? Contact

Step 6: Earn badges! (You need a minimum of 8 points in a specific category to earn that badge.)

Step 7: Earn a level! At the end of the calendar year, all points earned across all categories add up to earn an overall program level. You’ll be able to see your status at a glance using your myClimateWise dashboard.

*Remember - You can always “fill in the blank” under the Innovate category for strategies or projects you are pursuing that are not listed.