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January - 2013 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

New Radio Program Focuses on Entrepreneurs

“Repaving Mainstreet” is a new radio show that features inspiring entrepreneurial success stories and how these seemingly small startups contribute to our area’s overall economic health.

The radio hosts are local business professionals and authors, Bill Cobb and Dr. M.L. Johnson. Their recent publication, “Business Alchemy: Turning Ideas into Gold”, and subsequent promotional events, turned the authors onto Colorado Radio, KRCN, 1060 AM. Colorado Radio is known as “The Biz”, reporting on Wall Street during the day, (they are a Bloomberg radio station), and on Main Street in the evening. They cover the Front Range and have a discriminating audience with an interesting demographic profile. The station has signed the gentlemen on as radio show hosts to round out their programming.

The new show “Repaving Mainstreet” is about rebuilding our economy from the ground level up, particularly through entrepreneurism. The first week of programming was dedicated to the budding entrepreneurs and provided encouragement for them to consider moving forward with their ideas. M.L. and Bill’s ideas and suggestions are complimentary to regional incubator programs and efforts, such as the Rocky Mountain Innosphere. The radio show content will provide yet another way for our community to learn about entrepreneurial resources, motivational stories and networking opportunities.

“Repaving Mainstreet” airs each evening, 6-7 p.m., Monday through Friday. As you make your way home, or catch up on the news of the day, check out this innovative program geared towards those inventors, innovators and creative spirits who are out making a difference, following their dreams and growing their own businesses.