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August - 2012 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Event Recap: The Future of Jobs

Everyone agrees a key factor to a healthy economy is the availability of diverse jobs. The economic health community came together on August 9 to discuss the challenges and opportunities of jobs in Fort Collins.

Experts Weigh In

From the Executive Director of the Fort Collins Area Chamber and Colorado State University’s Regional Economist to the City’s Economic Health Director, local experts shared statistical data and recent employment trends that point to several opportunities for employers and job seekers. Major themes of the event included:

  • Overall, employment trends in Larimer County are stronger than national averages.
  • Biggest challenge for start–ups is access to capital — RMI and CSU Ventures both have robust capital campaigns with a variety of different funding levels for promising start ups, but area entrepreneurs still need more.
  • A new City Economic Health Strategic Plan is rolling out. The result of more than a year of research, interviews, public meetings and goal setting with local stakeholders, the new Strategic Plan will guide not only the City but our community partners for the next five years.
  • Fort Collins was just recognized as the third best place to do business in the country by Forbes Magazine. With collaboration across agencies and continued emphasis on excellence, the community has many exciting developments to look forward to in the future.

Thank you to the Fort Collins Area Chamber for hosting the event! Learn more about this and other economic-focused events at