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September - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Featured Company: Ventria Bioscience

 Maybe you’ve seen the stats—Fort Collins has more than 50 bioscience companies; in 2010 32 patents were issued to these companies; numerous federal labs operate in Fort Collins and are tackling global health issues.

Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and biotechnology are growing fields.  Luckily, Fort Collins is home to healthy diverse cross section of bioscience companies. Including this month’s feature, Ventria Bioscience.

Ventria’s headquarters are in the Rocky Mountain Innosphere, with manufacturing in Kansas. Their core business is developing plant-derived proteins as medical treatments and for use by other biomedical companies.

The Company’s lead therapeutic product is Ven100, a product that prevents hospital-acquired infections. The product will help patients in long-term care centers combat antibiotic resistant pathogens when they are prescribed antibiotics. Ven100 contains proteins that help the digestive system heal and defend against infection.  Phase III clinical study are planned, subject to FDA ’s review. 

InVitria is a Division of Ventria that develops and sells plant-derived proteins to biomedical companies. InVitria’s products eliminate the risk and inconsistency of blood products and animal components that are used to make vaccines and biomedicines. Plant-derived proteins do not harbor viruses such as HIV, mad cow disease or hepatitis which can be transmitted by blood or blood products. There is a strong desire by FDA and vaccine and pharmaceutical developers to remove these components in their manufacturing operations. Because InVitria’s products are free of animal and blood components, the transmission risk is minimized. In addition, this eliminates the need to harvest animal blood for use in biomanufacturing. InVitria’s lab and offices are also at Rocky Mountain Innosphere.

Bioscience Industry in Fort Collins

Developing and nurturing start up bioscience companies is not for the weak of heart. Years of research, grant writing, testing and licensing is similar to an endurance sport. In Fort Collins, when applicable, local companies may partner with existing, established organizations who are on he cutting edge of bioscience and biotechnology. For instance Ventria is working with the Centers for Diseases Control in Fort Collins and Atlanta and creating rabies vaccines for animals in the wild that is cost effective and easy to consume.

As the Fort Collins bioscience industry grows, the potential for new discoveries and local partnerships also expands.  Our proximity to Colorado State University and Centers for Disease Control are assets unique to Fort Collins and truly propel the bioscience industry. Learn more about the Bioscience industry in Fort Collins, Bioscience Cluster Profile (PDF)